Smoking increases the risk of back pain

Smoking increases the risk of back pain, which requires a spinal surgery, according to a Swedish study. In their thirty years, they began to study men who were carrying out heavy physical work, and they monitored them for three decades.



The researchers focused on one cause of back pain, which is lumbar spinal stenosis when the pain occurs due to the narrowing of the spinal canal. Usually, this happens when people are aging, but the study has shown that smoking can accelerate this process.

The Swedes were accompanied by nearly 332,000 people who worked in the construction industry. They were monitored during their thirties and monitored for three decades. Even though heavy physical work was done by everyone, smokers experienced a more frequent problem with smokers.

Compared to those who never smoked, those who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day, had a 46 percent greater risk of needing a spinal surgery.
In smokers who smoked less than 15 cigarettes a day, the risk was 31 percent higher.

Those who were former smokers had a 13 percent higher risk.

“Smoking is clearly a risk factor for developing a narrowing of the backbone channel, which makes it necessary for the operation,” says the author of the study, dr. Arkan Sayed-Noor from Umea University. “If we stop smoking, we can reduce the risk.”

Researchers also considered other risk factors – such as aging and overweight.

There are several reasons why it’s good to stop smoking, and that’s just one of them.


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