A Gambian migrant was Arested for attempting to snatch cross from Christmas tree in Milan

Oh come on… That`s not true, but it is. 21-year-old Gambian was arrested on Saturday, who tried to remove the cross from the Christmas tree in Italian Milan. Following a psychiatric examination, the man was admitted to a secure hospital.

According to the Italian media, a migrant wanted to climb and remove the cross on a Christmas tree, set on the square of Piazza Duca d’Aosta because of some reason he didn`t like it.

The police officers luckily prevented his intention on time. 

The Italian police acted quickly and prevented the man from fulfilling his intention. After the arrest, they identified him and took him to a police station for questioning. The man had nothing to say other than “the tree is not good” while pointing to the cross, Il Giornale reports.





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