Eat a banana for breakfast and this will happen!

We have written about the ‘miraculous’ effects that bananas have on our well-being, health and body. In addition to being able to alleviate PMS pain, regulate digestion and lower your blood pressure, you can also improve hair, nails and skin. That’s not all! A breakfast made up of banana and a glass of lukewarm water can be an excellent weapon against excessive pounds, no matter what you eat during the day.



There is a period when each of us decides to deal with excessive pounds. This usually happens especially in the months before the summer, when all the frenzied preparations are made for the bathing season, and we are looking for ‘miraculous’ ways to help us lose those few extra pounds.

According to the Japanese Hitachi Watanabe, who was studying the preventive medication, breakfast consisting a banana and a glass of water is one of these ways. Together with his spouse, he tried to find the formula for a perfect diet and thus came to a completely simple solution. Bananas promote digestion, but they also contain starch that has a lower glycemic index, it digests for a long time and prevents carbohydrate absorption. The final touch is a glass of warm water, that reduces the feeling of hunger.


Bananas for breakfast

Every morning you must eat one or two bananas, but you must not eat too much. Eat only raw, uncooked or unfrozen bananas. The basic rule of this unusual diet is to eat one or two bananas before the meal.

It is a fruit that contains enormous amounts of fibre, stimulates digestion and prevents bloating. Have five meals a day and make sure that there are not too many unhealthy fats and carbohydrates on your plate. If only you can completely remove the bread from the menu, and once a day you can eat rice or pasta. Otherwise, the diet is based on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Your last meal should be until 18:00, but it’s also important to chew the bananas and other foods well and enjoy the food and its taste. Also, make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day.



The detox with bananas also impressed the nutritionist Yuli Tarbath


She decided to eat only bananas for 12 days. The aim of her experiment was primarily the deterioration of the organism and wanted to prove that bananas are fruit that can be enjoyed for a longer period without harmful effects on health.

After a few days of eating bananas, she found that it was much easier to concentrate and to focus more easily on daily responsibilities. A dietary experiment was also joined by her husband, both claiming that they had no problems with the unusual diet. “Before that, I had elevated blood sugar, problems with digestion, I suffered from depression and hormonal imbalance, I could not get pregnant. When I changed my way of eating, everything set in place and I also got a baby. ”



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