Taiwan barber will buzz Donald Trump’s face into the back of your head

Unbelievable In the world, however, there are people who are so great fans of Donald Trump that they want to have it all the time along with him and proudly announce it to the world.

To find out how great a fan of Donald Trump is this Taiwanese, he decided to communicate this world in a rather unusual way. With a hairstyle in the face and hair of Donald Trump. And we can not believe that this desire was realized by one of the Taiwanese hairdressers. The XB-Hair- 沙龍 ζ salon is known for its “hairy tattoos”, as it has already captured people in all possible forms, including Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Poo The Bear and now Donald Trump.

Source: Salon In Taiwan Creates Trump ‘Hair Tattoo’ by StoryfulNews on Rumble


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