This is a Fat-Melting Smoothie

In addition to smoothies for detoxification of the body, there is also one that can help you lose pounds. Yes, you read it right. This ‘miracle’ smoothie will help you burn calories while at the same time speeding up your metabolism and clean your body’s toxins. So what are you waiting for, prepare it today!

Tasty drinks made from fruits and vegetables will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and fibre that regulates your digestion. If you are planning a loss of pound or two, do not starve, but try a delicious meal in a glass that is an excellent breakfast replacement or a great choice between meals.

Not only do they help the body to clean of poisons, accelerate digestion and improve the immune system, some can also help with the faster melting of fat. All you need to do is to make the smoothie and regularly drink it. The first results are to be shown in less than a month!


What do you need?

– a cup of tomato juice
– 1/4 cup of lemon juice
– 1 teaspoon of grated ginger
– 1 or half a teaspoon of pepper
– 2 stems of medium-sized green

Combine tomatoes and lemon juice together, add ginger and pepper. Add a beverage in a glass in the glass, from which you should drink the beverage. Every day you can enjoy up to three glasses of smoothies during meals, and keep the rest in a refrigerator.

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