To save this fluffy kitten, they had to close the highway

The orange-white kitten caused real chaos on the Auckland highway. The driver informed the police officer that “a small, humorous whip attempts to cause an accident”, so they rushed there and tried to save the frightened cat, for this purpose they also had to close the highway for a short time. Although the cat was nearly killed the story has a happy ending.


Auckland police officers received a very special call – an alarmed driver informed them that on a very busy highway there “a small orange-white fluffy kitten tries to cause an accident”.

The police immediately rushed to the scene and found a kitten that was pressed against the concrete fence on the highway. Unfortunately, she got frightened as the police tried to get close to her and ran through three traffic lanes and then turned around police said on her Facebook page. “Because it was caught in the central part, we had to close the highway for a short time,” they added.


This is Maioro,

Maioro is named after the closest motorway off ramp from which she was rescued from recently.


Objavil/a Auckland City District Police dneĀ 2. januar 2018



But that was not the end of her adventure. When the police officer drove her to the station, he turned his eyes on her for a moment, because he had to make a call, and then he was surprised to find that the kitty wasn`t there anymore. Until silent mimicking was heard from under the dashboard. The scared cat was hiding, and the mechanics had to remove the entire plate to get it out.

Now, according to Maioro, “she is recovering well in her adventure” and is rapidly searching for her new home.

This is not the first time that the New Zealand police rescued the cat from the highway. Last year, in order to save the lost torturer, they had to close several lanes of the motorway.

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